Facebook MPK22 (Menlo Park, CA 94025)


Facebook MPK22


Facebook MPK22 (Menlo Park,
CA 94025)

Foundation area= 141,750 SQ.FT

Level L1- Metal Deck –124,115 SQ.FT
Had 4 metal decks with mesh.
No of columns: 156
No of pile caps: 293


Our solution

Seismic Beam provided should be taken off.
We successfully took off the beams in the foundation.
The contractor had the urgency to submit the bid in a very less time.
We submitted the quantity before the day of deadline.
Demanded to lap vertical in every lifts. For #5 to #8 rebar.
Weprovided lap each fllor for rebar #8 and less.


Our contractors won the bid with the estimates we provided.

How our services bring about success