NVIDIA Phase 2


NVIDIA Phase 2


NVIDIA Phase 2
Santa Clara

Foundation area= 290,850 SQ.FT

Level P1- Mild Deck –18560 SQ.FT & PT-Deck- 270555 SQ.FT
Had Level 1,2,3,4,5
No of columns 345


Our solution

The drawing was a bit complicated with heavy foundation rebar with skewed beams.
We were successful in taking off the quantity despite the difficulties in drawing.
The contractor asked the total quantities of rebar to be aroudf 2,000,000lbs - 2,500,000lbs.
After the detailed estimation, the quantity we got was 2,497,793lbs which was under the range.
Demand to minimize the T-heads.
We use standard 90(degree) hooks wherever it was possible.


Our contractors won the bid with the quantities we provided.

How our services bring about success