Different sizes of rebar

Different sizes of Rebar

Different sizes of rebar

There are a variety of rebar sizes that range from #3 to #18. We provide different sizes of rebar according to the needs of the customers. Rebar provides structural integrity for concrete. According to the need of tensile structural integrity, different sizes of rebar are determined which is required for a concrete job.

In the United States, rebar size is given a number rather than being referred to by the size of its diameter. Rebar is not referred by its diameter because it does not provide sufficient information which helps to determine whether rebar is appropriate for a job. Rebar is given a number from #3 to #18 that reflects its solid diameter. The #3 bar size is 3/8″ diameter of the solid section, #4 bar size is 4/8″ diameter of the solid section and #5 bar size is 5/8″ diameter of the solid section.   

There are three different sizes of rebar which are needed for home projects i.e. #3, #4 and #5. The rebar size #3 is used for driveways and patios. For walls and columns, #4 rebar size should be used as they require more strength. It is better to use #5 rebar size for footers and foundations.

The minimum yield strength of standard rebar is 60,000 psi in the USA. If the rebar is not properly placed then the strength of the concrete will be minimized. The concrete’s tensile strength can be reduced by 20 percent even if there is an inch extra in spacing. Rebar is needed by the tensile strength of concrete. The minimum yield strength and spacing are the two biggest factors in determining the required size of rebar in concrete.

Different sizes of Rebar

Sizes of Rebar

The different sizes of rebar are described below:

#3 Rebar 

They are made from carbon-steel composite and are used in road and highway paving, patio and driveway construction and swimming pool frames.

#4 Rebar 

They are made from sturdy composite of carbon steel and are used in residential and light commercial construction industries. They are used to pave roads and highways and also used as a strengthening material in slabs, columns and walls.

#5 Rebar

They are made from extremely strong carbon-steel composite.They are used in highway, bridge construction, foundation grade beams, footings and tilt-up walls. They are used in residential and light commercial construction industries including patio decks, retaining walls and caissons.

#6 Rebar

They are used in concrete reinforcement applications. They are found in foundation construction and repair in retaining walls and tilt-up walls. They are used in the creation and maintenance of new and existing roadways in the road and highway construction industry. They are also used in caissons, precast masonry products and deck-grade beams as a strengthening compound.

#7 Rebar

They are recommended for medium to heavy duty commercial construction applications and this rebar is frequently used to reinforce multi-level parking structures, bridges over roads and waterways. It can also be used in retaining walls, grade beams and caissons.

#8 Rebar

They are high grade reinforcement product composed of sturdy carbon steel composite. They are used for medium or heavy commercial applications like footings, columns and beams, piers, caissons, high rise transfer slabs, sea walls, bridge abutments, retaining walls, etc.

#9 Rebar

They are perfect for a wide range of demanding projects. They are used to stabilize transfer slabs in the construction of skyscrapers. They are used for medium-duty to heavy-duty industrial and construction applications. It is an effective reinforcing material in retaining walls, abutments, columns and beams. It is an excellent choice for bridges, piers and high-rise buildings.

#10 Rebar

They are well-suited in medium to heavy duty construction projects and concrete structures take benefit from rebar’s high tensile strength. 

#11 Rebar

Higher the grade of rebar, wider and heavier the rebar is. This rebar is the widest and heaviest of the available standard grades. They are used in heavy duty and demanding construction projects. This reinforcement bar is used in large, load-bearing structures like bridges, docks and large or tall buildings.

#14 Rebar

#14 Rebar is one of the largest standard sizes used for heavy-duty construction applications to provide added stability for large concrete structures. They are used in tall buildings, parking structures, bridges, docks and industrial facilities. Rebar reduces stress on concrete which helps to bear more loads and increase concrete tensile strength.

#18 Rebar

#18 Rebar is one of the largest and strongest standard sizes and is available in both black and epoxy-coated finishes. Black rebar is least expensive and is best suited to conditions where it will not be exposed to moisture. Epoxy-coated rebar is used for bridges and construction projects in marine environments, as it resists corrosion caused by water and humidity. They are suited for large scale applications like parking structures, marine facilities, large buildings, industrial facilities and bridges.

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