Tie Beam Construction

tie beam

Tie Beam Construction

Tie Beams is a type of beam used in construction to tie the footing and avoid the slender column effect in the structure. We provide this type of beam when the two footings are in the same line. It connects two or more than two columns and makes a structure as a frame. It is used in the construction of buildings to avoid the settlement of columns or foundation. It helps to carry the horizontal load of the column. We should provide tie beams in buildings if the height of the column is greater than 4-5m. There is no need to provide tie beams if the height of column is less than 4m.

We can use tie beams in buildings when the height of the roof is higher than the normal height of the structure. Tie beams behave as a length breaker in the column. By joining two or more columns, these beams help to reduce their effective length and slenderness ratio. Most of the time, this type of beam is constructed above the plinth level and in roof trusses.

It increase the stiffness of structure as it ties two columns for two movements i.e. vertically and horizontally. Let us consider two columns, column A and column B which are tied together. The tie beam provides resistance to its settlement by shifting force to column A, when column B settles. When column B is moved horizontally then, column B and column A are tied with a tie beam to provide a frame action which helps to reduce horizontal deflection. Tie beams can be constructed at any level.

It is applied in the construction to carry the axial compression. It also reduces the effective length of the column and prevents the column from buckling.

The reinforcement (steel) is required for construction of these type of beams. We can estimate the quantity of reinforcement that is needed for tie beam construction. Main bars (Top bar, Bottom bar and Side bar) are the horizontal bars that ties one footing to the other footing and stirrups are the vertical bars that frames the main bars in the correct position.

Main Bars for Tie Beams

We should calculate the length, number, diameter, total length and total weight of main bars in top, bottom and side bars.

Stirrups for Tie Beams

We should calculate the length of stirrup by removing the concrete cover from all sides. We should calculate the length of stirrup containing hook. The total number and length of stirrups is calculated. The total weight of stirrups is calculated.

Structural engineer design and adopt the length, diameter and number of bars by implementing the load analysis.

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