Rebar Estimation Software

Rebar Estimation software

Rebar Estimation Software

Rebar Estimating is the quantitative analysis of the steel required for the construction project. This process is executed by the experts and by using rebar estimation softwares it provides accurate and reliable rebar estimates for bidding.

Various Rebar Estimation Software

There are softwares for estimating and bidding purposes from spreadsheet programs like Microsoft Excel to experienced systems that helps you to take off quantities from plans and move the data to estimating programs.

In an earlier time, to do take-offs and provide quantities, you bought a software package and then you entered this data in an estimating program to add prices to each quantity. A job cost folder is started using another software application when a project was secured. To calculate the payroll, keep track of receivables and payables, provide statements and balance sheets, we used business accounting software. Nowadays, you can use one rebar estimation software application which handles all these functions. 

There are various methodologies which are practiced during estimation of rebar. 

  1. We can use thumb rule to make a rough estimate or rough idea of the cost and weight of the steel rebar used for the building construction. The thumb rule method may differ from one building to another based on your own experience. You should have enough data to make correct assumptions of the thumb rules.  
  2. We can measure the quantity from the drawings or Bar Bending Schedule (BBS) which is a more detailed method of measurement. We can calculate the total weight of steel by multiplying the total lengths of the different diameters of bars with the unit weight of the respective bars. 
  3. We can also use different estimation softwares like Plan Swift and many other free construction estimating software. By providing the area and spacing between the bars, we can obtain direct mass of the bar using the Estimation Softwares. These estimation software gives exact or near exact amount.
  4. We can use different online calculators which helps to estimate the quantity of steel reinforcement. 

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