What is rebar estimating and detailing?

rebar estimating and detailing

What is rebar estimating and detailing?

Rebar Estimating and Detailing

Rebar Estimation process is executed by our experts, who produce accurate and reliable estimates for bidding. Our experts develop a list of quantities of material which are needed to build the structure under consideration of construction and reinforcing bars.

As the first rebar estimation process, our experts study a set of contract drawings and specifications. From this information, our experts develop the required pricing, which can be used as a bid to be submitted to the general contractor. With a higher estimate, chances of losing the bid increases while with lesser estimate they can lose money in the execution of the contract. Therefore, our estimation team takes all the responsibility to provide precise estimates. Rebar estimating and detailing have become the important factor for the construction industry.

The benefits of hiring the rebar estimator and detailers are:

  • Quick turnaround time
  • High quality detailing
  • Connection detailing to suit the needs of Fabricator and Erector
  • P.E certified connection designs for U.S.A

Rebar Detailing is a procedure of making shop drawings for the steel reinforcement for the development procedure. The Rebar Detailing procedure incorporates the position, bending shapes, amount, description, laps of the reinforcing steel and measurements. The Rebar Detailing Drawings are made to incorporate the separating, area, rebar size and lap of steel.

The Rebar Detailing Services includes:

  • Rebar Detailing Services
  • Rebar Shop Drawings Services
  • Rebar fabrication Services
  • Rebar Framing Plan Design
  • Rebar Structure Foundation
  • Rebar Pit Design
  • Rebar Framing Plan
  • Rebar Beam Design
  • Rebar Structure Steel Detailing
  • Structure Foundation Rebar Detailing

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