Rebar estimate for the successful completion of building structures

Rebar estimate

Rebar estimate for the successful completion of building structures

Rebar estimating is usually assigned to Rebar Fabricators in-house teams, and rebar estimating and detailing companies. We can find many rebar detailing companies that are stationed in The Middle East and India. However, there are a few Rebar Detailers in the United States. There are firms out there who provide comprehensive Rebar estimate and PT Cable Detailing for all types of construction including commercial, residential, warehouses, institutional, educational, healthcare, sports, government, religious, medical centers, retail shopping centers and more.

Rebar People is one of the firm that has over 20 years of experience in AEC. They have a team of highly experienced structural/civil engineers and project managers who have many years of experience in rebar detailing and understand the rebar installation and construction practices.

Rebar estimation helps to determine the construction cost with the quantity and quality of rebars used in the construction project. Rebar estimating is one of the most important component providing strength to the whole structure. Rebar estimation is the estimation of Reinforcement Quantity in Structural engineering drawings and preparation of estimate report for the purpose of bidding. At the estimation stage, they calculate the quantity of construction materials required for a particular project based on the drawings (architectural & structural), helping organisations create competitive and accurate rebar estimates for both the pre and post tendering stages.

Rebar Estimate Process
  • Estimation Number
  • Structural Activity Codes (SAC)
  • Part Codes (Rebar, wire mesh and Accessories)
  • Grade of Steel (ASTM A615, A706 etc.)
  • Bid Item Number (Scope wise, Structure wise)
  • Take-off Measurements
  • Contract Drawing number
  • Addendums
  • Reference Sections
  • Locations (Gridline References)

Estimation Standards

  • Construction standards
    • ACI ( American Concrete Institute)
    • CSRI (Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute)
  • Estimation Standards
    • American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM) E1557UNIFORMAT II
  • Rebar Standards
    • ASTM A615 Grade 40
    • ASTM A615 Grade 60
    • ASTM A706 Grade 60 (Low Alloy Steel)
    • ASTM A185 (Welded Wire Fabric)
    • ASTM A955 (Stainless steel bars)
    • ASTM A970 (Welded And Forged Headed Bars)

At Rebar People, our team delivers fast, accurate quotes for all the materials, accessories and erection costs involved in your project. We bring many years of combined experience to ensure you receive the best possible price and product. We provide reliable and accurate estimates for bidding. Foe further information contact us.