Why does rebar overlap with different bars?

rebar overlap

Why does rebar overlap with different bars?

Rebar Overlap

Rebar Overlap or rebar lapping occurs when a run of the rebar is longer than one solid piece. In that case, you need to overlap the rebar in that line. The length of rebar lap is usually a factor of the rebar diameter and an engineering lapping specified lapping factor. The common lapping factors are 40 and 60.

Lap length in Reinforced Concrete

Lap length is one of the significant term in the reinforcement. This is normally mistaken for another significant term called development length and anchorage length. In this article, the lap lengths of bars is talked about. During the arrangement of steel in Reinforced solid structure, if the required length of single bar may miss the mark. To get the ideal structure length, lapping of two bars next to each other is finished. An option in contrast to this is to give mechanical couplers.

Lapping can be characterized as the covering of two bars one next to the other to upto the plan length. Generally, the stock length of steel bars is restricted to 12m. This is for simple transportation of steel bars to the building site. For instance, envision there is a need to assemble a 100ft tall section. Yet, it’s not for all intents and purposes accessible. Thus the bars are cut each subsequent story.

At that point the pressure powers are required to be moved from one bar to the next bar at the area of intermittence of the bar. So the subsequent bar is kept near the main bar and covering is finished. This measure of covering between two bars is classified “lap length”. Lapping is typically done where least bowing pressure is experienced. By and large, lap length is 50d which means multiple times the bar distance across, if the two bars are of same breadth.

Lap length in strain:

The lap length including safe haven estimation of hooks will be

  • For flexural strain – Ld or 30d whichever is more prominent is considered.
  • For direct strain – 2Ld or 30d whichever is more prominent is considered.

The straight length of lapping of bars will not be under 15d or 20cm.

Lap Length in Compression:

The lap length is equivalent to the improvement length determined in pressure yet at the very least 24d.

Rebar Overlap for Different Diameter Bars:

At the point when the bars of various widths are to be joined, the lap length is determined considering the littler distance across bar. In this way, rebar overlap with different bars.

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